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3 Dimensional Leadership Consultants

As an experienced, privately-held, independent agency, we are committed to helping schools and school systems provide the highest quality education in the most secure of environments.

After School Safety & Security

Individual coaching

3D consultants specialize in addressing the extra-curricular safety and security needs that arise before and after the traditional school day. Tailored to address the unique needs of each facility, 3D experts work to implement security assessments, develop tailored emergency action plans and initiate relevant staff training resulting in effective solutions.

Faculty Development

Faculty development is a skills-based training to help faculty identify issues, guide students in their social and emotional development, deescalate conflicts and better connect with students by being a transformational rather than transactional role model.

Health Education & Services

Health education and services are delivered in both a group and one-on-one setting. Parents and students alike benefit from 3D’s customized health education presentations, health education curriculum and coordinated care plans.

Athletic Leadership Development

Whether in the game or off-season, coaching staff and student athletes have a significant influence on their peers. Tailored presentations on topics such as communication skills, role model awareness and leadership training help to prevent issues before they arise.

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