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After School Safety & Security

After School Security & Emergency Preparedness Assessments

Emergency Plan Evaluations

Anything that can happen in America can happen in schools. Our objective is to help schools develop their security clearance procedures during after school events where people are vulnerable with no security. This includes large gatherings such as theater presentations, plays, musicals, marching bands, graduation ceremonies and other populous school activities.

Beginning with the assessment of your organization’s current emergency plans, 3D consultants will then initiate a 3-pronged assessment of 3 key areas: the physical space of the event, the type of event and participant demographics. After completion of the assessments, a SWOT analysis will be developed, helping to identify the current emergency plan’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

After School Security & Emergency Preparedness Training

Emergency Action Plans

Best practices are only effective if they are utilized. Based on the emergency plan assessment results, 3D consultants will use the latest data available to develop an evidence-based emergency action plan with the goal of keeping your faculty, teachers, parents and students as safe as possible. 

Emergency Preparedness Training

Event management staff training is a critical element to a successful emergent response. Trainings cover topics that occur during after events such as:

  • -How to access and implement emergency action plans
  • -How to deescalate rowdy fans
  • -Identify how to “scan the gate” (i.e. weapons etc.)
  • -Tabletop exercises on how to handle situations including medical emergencies, active shooters, irate or violent fans, natural disasters, technological hazards etc.

Risk Management Policies

Liability should be considered, even if it does not happen during the school day. 3D consultants can advise in the development and/or updating of your organization’s risk management policies.

Post Crisis Consulting Support

 After an emergent event, properly addressing the media is often not a priority. Let the 3D team manage crisis PR, maintaining the integrity of your school brand while proactively communicating recent events to the media.