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Faculty Development

Faculty Needs Assessment

 Faculty and staff development is a key element to ensure quality after school experiences for both students and parents. As the main point of contact with   families, educators are a critical part of the process when identifying areas of concern. 3D will do a needs assessment, gathering the faculty perspective on emerging faculty, student, and extra-curricular program needs.     

Faculty Program Development

Based on the needs assessment results, 3D consultants will develop a program to address areas of concern outlined in the assessment. This will include a plan of action for both faculty and staff. Any adults who will be present and representing the school during extra-curricular activities will be included in the developed curriculum. After development of the program, 3D consultants will initiate a presentation of the plan and proposed budget to the principal and/or school administrator.

Faculty Conference & Workshop Presentations

Skills training of faculty can help to identify student issues, deescalate conflicts and strengthen communication with students. With the focus on enhancing the faculty/student connection, faculty will learn how to be transformational rather than transactional mentors. By attending 3D conference and workshop presentations, faculty will be able to confidently identify mental health concerns of students, encourage healthy social and emotional learning, and deescalate student issues such as harassing and bullying.