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Health Education & Services

Health Education

Presentations and Keynote

3D has found that educating parents on how to identify and address student issues can prevent a litany of problems. If parents are not proactively identifying and addressing the social, emotional and physical needs of their children at    home, issues can arise and persist. Oftentimes, the parents simply lack the tools, the time and perspective to properly identify and address the issues at hand.  

This is where 3D comes in, offering engaging presentations and keynote speeches for parents on pertinent health education topics such as drug prevention and mental health. Presentations teach parents how to increase their own awareness of potential issues, give appropriate guidelines and set healthy boundaries.

Health Policy

Every state has different policies when it comes to enforcing under age discipline. New York has a district-level school drug policy, mandating every student athlete to sign a disclosure policy, allowing the school to enforce discipline even if drug and alcohol infractions occur off campus and after hours.            

While 3D has clients nationwide, we are based in New York and have an active seat at the drug policy drafting table. Unfortunately, over the years, we have seen many promising young athletes interrupt their successful trajectory in both school and athletics due to violating this disclosure agreement. It is our goal to educate parents, student athletes and coaches of this policy and the long-term consequences of violating the agreement.

Health Services

Individual Health Care Plans 

3D offers Individual consults to students addressing issues such as drug rehabilitation, infectious disease and cancer treatment. Individual Health Plans (IHP) are developed by 3D, ensuring continuity of care at school and home. This coordinated care plan opens up communication among all individuals involved in the child’s environment including the treating physician, school physician, school nurse (if applicable), parents, administrator and the coaches

For those schools that do not have a nurse on staff, 3D comes fully prepared with a Nurse Practitioner (NP) with a psychiatric background on staff to help fill the void. Having a NP on staff has been a key element to 3D’s success in crafting effective IHPs, ensuring continuity of care for each child’s health needs.

Health Education Needs Assessment

As part of the health education needs assessment, 3D identifies the social, emotional and physical health needs of student population. Urban and suburban needs are also considered in order to create an effective, customized health education curriculum. As an independent consulting agency, 3D is flexible to client needs, proficient at administering a needs assessment on an individual level, school level and/or district level.

Health Education Curriculum

Health education is a required course for public schools in the state of New York. 3D assists schools in the development and revision of pertinent health education curriculum for students. This skills-based health education curriculum is aligned with state and national health standards.